Roasted Peanut Chutney With a Hint of Garlic

Recipe for a peanut chutney from Solapur city, Maharashtra, India. The chutney has a special flavor and is coarse in texture. Peanut chutney can be prepared in many flavors and with a combination of various elements. It can be prepared in dry form or liquid/moist form. Today I’m going to share a non-perishable dry chutney Solapur style chutney recipe. It’s very popular in Maharashtra and is my personal favorite.


  • 2 cups of jumbo raw peanuts.
  • 4 to 5 tablespoon of Kashmiri red chili powder.
    Kashmiri red chili powder gives nice red color and it’s not as hot as other red chili powders.
    I prefer Swad brand’s Kashmiri chili powder.
  • 4 large cloves of garlic.
  • A little less than 1/4th cup of safflower/Canola/Vegetable oil.
  • Salt as per your taste.


  • Dry roast jumbo raw peanuts in the pan or microwave (Takes about 4-5 minutes in most microwaves).
  • Mix crushed garlic cloves, Kashmiri red chili powder and salt.
  • Use a grinder to crush the peanuts so that they are coarse. ( I use Vitamix blender’s pulse feature, set the nob at 3 on the dial) .
    Note: Don’t remove the skin of the peanuts.
  • Heat the oil in the pan.
  • Add coarse peanuts mixture in the pan and roast it in the hot oil for about 3 mins.
  • Once the chutney cools down, store it in an airtight container to preserve the freshness. This chutney has a long shelf life if stored properly.
  • Another method to make the chutney is to roast/fry in the oil and then pulsed coarsely in a blender. Personally, I prefer the first method.

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