Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi needs no introduction. It’s basically a yogurt-based mango smoothie. You can use either fresh/frozen mango or canned mango pulp. Please use a ripe, sweet mango if you prefer to use fresh mangoes for the recipe. Mango lassi recipe is easy and quick to make, but there is a difference between making mango lassi and good mango lassi. It’s important to use the right ingredients for the best outcome.

The secret to an amazing mango lassi comes in a can. Alphonso mangoes grow in India and are seasonal. When they’re ripe, they’re saturated with juice and perfume, which will convince you why the Alphonso mango is known as the King of fruits in India. The idea that fresh is always better than canned is both simple and false. Many times cans are vital for preserving and transporting flavors that might be impossible to find out of season or out of range.  Without further adieu, let’s dig into the secrets of making the best mango lassi.


  • 2 cups whole milk yogurt, Gopi malai yogurt works best.
    (It’s available in Sprouts and the majority of Indian grocery stores. You can also use Green mountain creamery’s plain greek yogurt for the recipe. Please add extra milk when using the greek yogurt for adjusting the consistency.)
  • 2 cups Desai Bandhu Alphonso mango pulp
    (Alphonso mangoes are seasonal, and there is a limited availability in the US; hence I prefer to use a specific brand’s pulp, which is authentic in taste. It’s available in most of the Indian stores. It has no added preservatives & also comes in an unsweetened version. Refer picture #2 & #3. )
    (Alphonso mangoes come from Ratnagiri, in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, and some Indian canning companies, like Desai Bandhu, will specify that their pulp comes from that area well. The mango puree is processed, and the fruit turns into a thick, bright, smooth purée; it’s usually sweetened. )
  • 3 tbsp organic cane sugar or as per your taste.
    (I prefer to use crystal sugar. If the mango pulp is not sweetened or you’re using fresh mangoes, please adjust sugar accordingly.)
  • 1 cup whole milk.
  • Optionally, 2 tbsp alphonso mango ice-cream.
  • To Garnish:
    • Mint leaf.
    • A dried chip of alphonso mango pulp
      (I used the homemade mango chip for garnishing; it’s prepared by dehydrating the mango pulp in the sun.)


  • Add yogurt, milk, mango pulp, sugar, a couple of ice-cubes in a blender. Optionally, add an alphonso mango ice-cream.
  • Next, blend the mixture until smooth. You can add cold water or chilled milk to adjust the desired consistency.
  • Next, transfer the lassi to a serving glass and garnish with a mint leaf and a dried mango, as shown in picture #4.
  • The lassi can be refrigerated for up to a day. You can add whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream, or mango ice-cream as the topping to convert this delicacy drink into a dessert, as shown in the following picture.
  • Serve Chilled.

A pro tip is to use Alphonso mango or its pulp. I recommend skipping saffron or cardamom when you’re using Alphonso mango. The plain lassi tastes delicious, too, with an ample amount of malai as topping. During summer days, I add vanilla ice-cream to the plain lassi. You can freeze chunks or puree of Alphonso or sweet, ripe mangoes when available & in season.

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