Foodie Software Professional.

I work as a full-time engineering leader in San Francisco Bay Area with a deep passion for finance and enjoy Fintech focused work to the fullest. I’m a foodie since my childhood and find nirvana through cooking.

Bombay (now Mumbai) is a culturally diverse city and known as the culinary landmark of India.  The diversity is totally reflected in the culinary richness the city offers. There are countless flavors and cuisines available to explore in Bombay such as Parsi, Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian, East Indian (Bengali), Gujarati, Muslim, and many more. The city is also famous for its street food that offers complementary & contrasting flavors from sweet to spicy and texture from crispy to soft & creamy. 

Here is my attempt to bring the same diversity of cuisines and tastes in my recipes and make ‘edesiadiaries’ a digital culinary paradise for foodies like me.

Multitasking and Multithreading need not be limited to software. Delicacies posts on my Instagram and the blog are solely cooked by me, including preparations, actual cooking, plating, presentation, pictures, and articles.